Should I Pre-plan My Funeral?


Planning ahead is simply a wise thing to do. Buying groceries with a list saves money, time, and forgotten items. Planning ahead by budgeting your finances and saving regularly will enable you to retire comfortably. Having a plan in place for your final wishes, and sharing it with those closest to you ensures nothing is left unsaid or undone.

Planning ahead is not just something you do for yourself—it is something you do for your family and loved ones. Families not faced with the urgency of making arrangements after the loss of a loved one are focused and confident. The decisions they make are sensible and reflect the wishes of both the individual and the family.

Benefit of pre-planning for you and your family:

  • Guarantees your individual wishes will be carried out
  • Gives you a chance to personalize your life event and make it a tribute to the life you lived
  • Spares your family from making decisions at a difficult time
  • Removes financial and emotional burden from those you love most
  • Freezes costs at today’s prices and provides for significant savings
  • Ensures peace of mind that specific details have been arranged
  • Eliminates the factor of indecision experienced by many grieving families
  • Allows families to focus on comforting one another during their time of need

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