Funeral Service Planning at Elm Ridge Funeral Home

At Elm Ridge Funeral Home & Memorial Park, we are experts in creating funerals that will reflect the unique life and pay tribute to someone who was very special to you. We offer a wide variety of funeral options and special touches, which allows our expert staff to assist you in creating a truly meaningful experience that will allow you to share the special story of a very memorable person.

Funeral services and planning at Elm Ridge Funeral Home and Memorial Park

Funerals are also a special time for family and friends to gather and share memories. To gather in love, to support each other and to honor someone that was dear to all. As experts in event planning, we will handle all the details and creatively incorporate the interests and personality of your loved one. Our beautifully facilities at Elm Ridge Funeral Home offers comfort and convenience, with different-sized event rooms to fit the size of the event you wish to plan.

Our Celebration Chapel is designed with enough flexibility to be certain your family will receive a personal and fully customized experience. Equipped with audiovisual equipment, we have the ability to play favorite musical selections or create a touching video tribute.

Once the service has been completed, your family is invited to use our large beautifully decorated reception room – all under one roof. We can hold services during the week, on Saturdays, in the evening, or on Sundays. We promise we will do everything to fit your schedule.

Remember – at Elm Ridge, there will be no need to travel to multiple locations to make both funeral and cemetery arrangements, and for those who want a party or unique experience, we offer Celebration of Life with a Certified Celebrant.

To learn more about our unique events, email us at or call us at 765-288-5061.