Cremation Services at Elm Ridge Funeral Home

At Elm Ridge Funeral Home, we respect and honor those who select cremation. Our staff has the expertise in handling all of the details necessary, such as proper cremation signatures and personal and careful return of the ashes or cremated remains. There are many options with cremation. Our experienced funeral directors and cremation specialists will explain each to you during the arrangement conference. We will also offer a thorough explanation of the many choices available for remembrance of your loved one, we are certain that you will find our planning process to be easy to understand and make the right decisions for your family.

Whether traditional ground burial, mausoleum or cremation is chosen for the eventual resting state of your loved one, a fitting memorial service, or a Celebration of Life, has been shown by experts to greatly assist in the healing process of grieving loved ones. Oftentimes people have a misconception that cremation means there will be no formal funeral service. However, we have learned that it is in the actual ritual of a service where healing begins. There are also times when a non-ceremonial cremation with no services are desired by families for various reasons. But overall, most families still choose to host a life celebration in personal remembrance of their loved one, who lived.

Elm Ridge is dedicated to serving your family and reflecting on the uniqueness of your loved one. Whether hosting a Celebration of Life or saying goodbye with a small gathering of family and close friends, Elm Ridge Funeral Home will provide a meaningful experience to remember your loved one.

  • Time to Share—Whether you choose to create a personalized celebration or arrange a simple gathering of family and friends, this service allows you to honor your loved one’s life at our event center or the location of your choice.
  • Family Gathering—Whether you choose to hold a formal event or casual gathering, this private ceremony allows your family to come together and honor your loved one before or after the cremation. You may choose to have one of our Certified Celebrants to lead the tribute event.
  • Final Goodbye—This event is an intimate private gathering for immediate family members to say goodbye. Includes dressing in clothing provided by the family and a life tribute DVD.
  • Non-ceremonial cremation—Cremation with no visitation or event.


Our caring professionals will go above and beyond to help you create a personal, lasting celebration. To learn more about our personalized cremation options, email us at or call us at 765-288-5061.