You shared precious moments and will always have cherished memories. Sharing these memories with friends and family can create a unique and healing experience.

Our Certified Celebrants specialize in creating a personalized Celebration of Life to reflect the personality and lifestyle of your loved one. These services are as unique as the life lived, are a priceless opportunity to share the passions and character of your loved one. With a custom memorial service, you can honor a special life in the way that fits your family’s and loved ones own personal style: with an informal gathering, a casual dinner, a festive party, or even a champagne toast. Our families find it comforting to share and smile together over memories and stories.

Plan and Create a Unique Celebration of Life Event

For families wanting a uniquely personalized service or for those not affiliated with a church, a Celebrant can offer an alternative to a traditional service. Or, if you prefer, our Celebrants can work closely with your clergy person to create a service that is both unique and embraces the religious and personal beliefs of your family and your loved one. Simply put, a Celebrant will create a memorable experience to celebrate the unique life that was lived.

We will help you arrange an unforgettable memorial service program that reflects your loved one’s unique life. Whether you want to hold the Celebration of Life at our Celebration Hall or a park, restaurant, hotel, waterfront setting, or any other venue, we can arrange it for you. We can also add personal touches such as:

  • Special memories and stories with family and close friends’ participation and involvement
  • Favorite music
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Memory tables
  • Personalized quotes and poetry
  • Photographs
  • DVD tributes
  • Favorite foods and beverages
  • …the options are endless!

Sharing the special life can create the memorable and unique event or party, which will allow everyone a perfect time and place in which to remember your loved one’s endearing qualities and unique quirks. At Elm Ridge, we believe a Celebration of Life is a special opportunity to tell a meaningful story.

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