Distinguished Veteran Services

When it comes to honoring veterans, our level of dedication and commitment is unrivaled. There is no limit to what we will do to recognize, honor, and pay respect to the courageous men and women who risked their lives for our country.


We offer the following extra services and recognition to fallen veterans:

  • Veteran’s First Call—When we transport the deceased veteran, we drape the stretcher with the American flag.
  • Veteran’s Final March—When we accompany the veteran to his or her final resting place, the coach is identified with the American flag and the emblem of the veteran’s branch of service. For those who want a truly special march, we offer a horse drawn carriage.
  • Pallbearer Identification—We identify pallbearers by providing each with a lapel pin of the American Flag as our gift to them in recognition of their service for a veteran.
  • Patriot’s Walk—Prior to the arrival of the funeral procession, our cemetery staff installs a double row of flags from the road where the coach will stop to the graveside, creating a Patriot’s Walk in honor of the veteran. The gravesite is also decorated with special draping for the chairs and lowering device.
  • Honor Guard—Our local Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion Posts maintain a volunteer group of veterans to serve as an Honor Guard to provide a final salute to a comrade. We offer many other options as well, ranging from a dove release and cannon firing to horse drawn carriages and the playing of taps.

These are just a few of the exclusive veteran services we provide. You will not find another funeral home that does more for veterans and their families than Elm Ridge Funeral Home and Cemetery.


Valuable Savings for Veterans

  • The space location will be determined by the cemetery management.
  • The space can only be used by the veteran.

Veterans will also receive valuable savings on all pre-planned funeral and cremation services provided by Elm Ridge Funeral Home. All guaranteed funeral services will be discounted by 10% for each veteran. (Cash advance items and merchandise are not included.)

If you fall in one of the following categories, you may qualify for these valuable benefits:

  • Active Duty, Retired, Reserve, National Guard, or Veteran
  • Current or widowed spouse of veteran
  • Biological, legally adopted, and step-children of veteran
  • Parents of veteran

The veteran or veteran’s family must provide proof of these qualifications (other than dishonorable discharge).

If a member of our Armed Forces is killed in action, ALL cemetery and funeral goods and services for the veteran are complimentary.