Mausoleums offer an interment option that appeals to many people who do not want traditional outdoor ground burial. Specially designed buildings allow above-ground, indoor entombment, allowing your loved one to rest in peace. A Mausoleum entombment is often chosen when families wish to visit their loved ones resting place without being outdoors in inclement weather.


Elm Ridge, one of the largest mausoleums in the Midwest, was completed in 1930 and remains a world-class facility today. Our mausoleum features base-relief carvings, exotic marbles and inspiring scriptures and poetry. A room within the mausoleum is dedicated to those from Delaware County who have given their lives in defense of this country, and a special tribute is given to those who remain missing in action from Vietnam. Two chapels are available to all property owners for committal services. To accommodate demand, plans are underway to expand the mausoleum once again.

For information or a tour of the Elm Ridge Mausoleum, contact one of our Family Service Counselors at or call us at 765-288-5061. .